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The EBIT Doctor brings SMEs back to profitability.

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Whether the crisis is chronic or acute: EBIT Doctor is a diagnostic specialist. With a detailed medical history, he finds not only all the symptoms, but filters out very specifically the reason (s) out. He works with foresight, experience and transparency and always relies on an open, fair and workable care.


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EBIT Doctor

Stephan Cohnenist since 2006 in both worlds at home. Strategy consulting and interim management. He combines the previously separate worlds of expert reports and appraisals implementation. He specializes in complex projects or pilot projects. As the developer of bottom-up Restructuring® he embodies the goal-oriented, fair and cooperative partner for restructuring and sustainable project management. Possible roles are: CEO, COO, VP, GM, PMO, sparring partner.

Stephan Cohnen

His method complements the existing restructuring practice, reduces the pain of restructuring and achieved better results. Groundbreaking is the possibility that affected companies successfully apply under the guidance of the procedure alone. Thus, high costs can be avoided by management consulting firm and the company's autonomy is preserved. The term 'EBIT Doctor' was written during his time as CEO of a holding company. Stephan Cohnen is a management consultant, managing director and partner of SDC Zurich. Significant achievements are the post-merger integration at PALL, the Betaglucan pilot project at BASF, Flirt Life for abig-Trust, Cavachon and its 'bottom-up Restructuring®' results in the German SME sector. His intercultural skills are estimated at US and Canadian companies such as PALL and ATS. As a member of several committees he Advises entrepreneurs as a trusted friend and sparring partner.


EBIT Doctor international clients serviced under the SDC at the sites in Germany and Switzerland:

Solitude Allee 14 D-70439 Stuttgart

Mülibergstrasse 32 CH-8914 ZH Aeugst


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