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# 1 How do you avoid that digitization will the death blow staggered
avoid # 2 wishful thinking and “Verschlimmbesserung”

“The company is not doing well, sales sluggi...

Recession? So what!

# 1 soft restructure = BOTTOM-UP RESTRUCTURING®
# 2 Make the doctor before you need it!

If a recession is expected – you do not have to wait until one has reached.
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Company reports IDW S6

To create your own opinion under the guidance of EBIT Doctors. Provide timely manner. “Knowledge harm only to those which it does not have”



# 1 How wishful thinking will make worse the situation

# 2 “art” comes from “may”

Digitization is to bring the experiment, a model of your company into a digit...

Need a new setup? Get the most out of your business out!

# 1 Follow a hard restructuring
# 2 differences between hard and soft restructuring

The consequences of a tough restructuring can be outlined:

v Significant job cuts
v man...