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  1. March 20, 2020
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# 1 How wishful thinking will make worse the situation

# 2 “art” comes from “may”

Digitization is to bring the experiment, a model of your company into a digital form. Similarly as the setting up of a formula or equation. Future events are predictable and optimizations are possible.

The model must accurately correspond to your company. Here is the danger. Are reality and model different, your company is in a serious situation.

A thus created model provides results however – no solutions! The damage is greater than the benefits. Optionally, this model initiates catastrophic events.

Before you bring something in digital form, it should already be analog and reliably available.

Have not you already have a valid management cockpit and reliable figures? Are the special features of your business and interference susceptibility displayed in the processes? We are not talking about idealizations and desires in the form of a quality manual.

If you can answer the above questions is “yes”, then your business has a good chance.

However, if you are unsure, you should plan your digitization well.

In my restructuring practice I experience daily the consequences for companies, management and employees. Do not make the same mistakes! Create your own road map for a successful digitization


The method requires your employees to the knowledge in their heads.

It puts your company in a position to have a lasting cure itself.

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