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digitization 2

  1. March 20, 2020
  2. News
# 1 How do you avoid that digitization will the death blow staggered avoid # 2 wishful thinking and "Verschlimmbesserung" "The company is not doing well, sales sluggish business situation bad" "An improvement must be found" Digitization should be the savior. All problems will be solved. Finally a plan - new hope! However, my daily reality shows that follow such wishful thinking. Digitization is sluggish, unrealistic. Assumptions replace facts and are implemented digitally. Grievances and shortcomings are easily digitized. Everyone is forced to work with the system. Nobody trusts the data. Employees have their numbers clearly on the screen - but a strange feeling in my stomach. Because experience tells them something other than the digital system. That paralyzes - leads to late and wrong decisions. "Everything was better before" Your Doctor EBIT Contact: Tel: + 41-77-458-95-96 Tel: + 44-75-09-780-730
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