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How to avoid strangling down your overseas investments?

  1. June 15, 2020
  2. News

Why cross-cultural understanding is mandatory

Your overseas investments is failing? Your actions are mandatory Your local agents are not in line with you? Feels like sitting in a car with no steering wheel I have seen the failure of overseas enterprises due to cross-cultural mismatch. Your actions are mandatory I´ve already seen all this I´ve already been there I´ve already done that I know the things to do - for you Avoid making mistakes and strangle down your own investments Get a map of the situation and make sure mandatory action is on its way Use cross-cultural techniques, strategic advisory and Interim management. Get back on track to profitability Your EBIT Doctor Contact: Mobile: +41-77-458-95-96 Mobile: +44-75-09-780-730 How it works: White-board-animation
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