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Recession? So what!

  1. March 20, 2020
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# 1 soft restructure = BOTTOM-UP RESTRUCTURING® # 2 Make the doctor before you need it! If a recession is expected - you do not have to wait until one has reached. Gently restructure with BOTTOM-UP RESTRUCTURING® will first of all no restructuring. It is a program for business optimization. It usually takes much longer than a hard restructuring. Findings from the BOTTOM-UP RESTRUCTURING® are worked out with your cadres and valid. History and signs are created together as a model for your business. You really have a robust paper for future measures. Your employees are involved and informed. Derived goals are realistic. Measures are feasible. The rich man thinks of the next year, the arms of what he has in mind. The company itself determines the intensity and pace. Give your business even a program. You will not be imposed. They act preventively and thus have significantly more options and influence than in a hard restructuring. Findings of the analysis of the company are not themselves used against you. Preventive is better and cheaper. The cost is much lower than for a hard restructuring. "Brain Work" buy only because where it is needed to ensure the quality of the program. "Legwork" make the company and its employees themselves. Since they need more time, start earlier with it. This gives you an early loyal advisor in the house. You get access to insider knowledge. Give your business at an early stage and take a program critics later arguments. Your Doctor EBIT Contact: Tel: + 41-77-458-95-96 Tel: + 44-75-09-780-730 How do I work: animation White-board BOTTOM-UP RESTRUCTURING® and EBIT Doctor® are registered trademarks of SDC
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